Constitution & Bylaws

Mount Vernon Numismatic Society
Member ANA 22911

Constitution & By Laws Adopted January 31, 1961

  • Revised February 26, 1963

  • Second Revision January, 1970

  • Third Revision January, 1977

  • Fourth Revision May, 1990

  • Fifth Revision January, 2004

Article I
This organization shall be known as The Mount Vernon Numismatic Society.

Article II
The object of this Society shall be: to encourage and promote interest in numismatics; to create and cultivate friendly relations between coin collectors and dealer; to especially encourage and assist amateur collectors. It shall provide a time and place for personal contact, education, trading; and for buying and selling coins.  This Society shall be non-profit making.

Article III
(A) Membership application is open to all persons interested in numismatics.

(B) Membership shall be comprised of four groups: regular, junior, senior and honorary members.

(C) Annual membership dues may be adjusted as follows: During any regular scheduled meeting a motion may be made and carried by a simple majority of members present to propose adjustment to: the precise amount of; the effective date of; and rate of adjustment(s). The motion and the vote are to be recorded in the minutes by the secretary. If the proposal motion is carried, then at the next regular scheduled meeting the chairman shall have the proposal read from the minutes. A motion may be made to approve the proposal and if carried by a simple majority the proposal shall be effective. If no motion is made to approve the proposed adjustment, the proposal shall die. If any amendments are made to the motion, the approval vote shall not be taken until the next regularly scheduled meeting.

(D) Honorary memberships may be awarded by two-thirds majority of the members present at a meeting.

(E) A junior member may be anyone interested in numismatics and under sixteen (16) years of age at membership time.  A senior member is sixty-five (65) years of age or older.

(F) A membership number shall be assigned to all members by the secretary.  Consecutive numbers will be assigned with no numbers to be reassigned.

(G) An application for membership shall be presented to the secretary and shall include the following information: applicant's name, address, telephone number and age.  Application to be accompanied by specified yearly dues.  Applicant may become a member upon the approval of three current officers.

(H) A rejected applicant may re-apply for membership after six months if no objections have been presented to the officers.

(I) Should any complaint be lodged against any member, an investigation shall be ordered by the president or his representative(s) who may take the appropriate action on or before the next regular scheduled meeting.  If justified, a penalty such as reprimand, suspension or expulsion may be invoked.

(J) Membership dues are payable by December 31st for the upcoming year.  Failure to pay within a three month grace period will automatically cancel membership.

Article IV ( Officers )

(A) The elective officers shall be: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

(B) The president shall preside at all regular meetings.  In the event of his or her absence, the other officers shall perform the duties in the order named above.  It is the duty of the president to appoint all committees and to see that they function as intended by the Society.

(C) The secretary shall keep written records of all the Society's activities and will be in charge of membership.  The secretary shall report at each regular meeting the activities of the Society from the last report to date.

(D) The treasurer shall be the keeper of the Society's money and shall report income and disbursements to the Society at each regular meeting.  All checks are made out by the treasurer.

(E) The officers for a new term shall be elected as follows: in the year in which terms of office expire, the president in October, shall appoint a nominating committee which shall present a slate of officers at the November meeting.  Further nominations can be made from the floor at this time.  The election is to be held during the December meeting, and the members present will vote by secret ballot.  A majority of those voting will determine the elected candidate for each office.

(F) All officers shall hold office concurrently, the term of office is 2 calendar years.

Article V
(A) These by-laws and the constitution can be amended by submission of amendment in writing to the president or his representative, read at any regular meeting, and voted upon at the next regular meeting.  Such amendment to be passed by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

(B) No member, with the exception of officers, shall incur any expense in the name of the Society without Society approval.  Officers may procure supplies, stationery, rentals, or postage without Society approval.

(C) All regular meetings shall be held the last Tuesday of each month.  Exceptions may be made by a majority vote at a previous meeting.

(D) This Society was formed for the benefit of all its members.  Members will exert efforts to make it a success by obtaining new members and by promoting the advancement of the Society and numismatics.