Knox County, Ohio
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The Cooper Bessemer Company of Mt Vernon Ohio medal depicting a Superior 1700 diesel Engine. Probably dates to the 1980s. Obv: Engine "Heads it's Superior" Rev: Compressor "Tails it's Superior". 39 mm diameter, 23 grams, bronze color. First submission by Charlie Ruggles January 4, 2009.  Image courtesy of Charlie Ruggles.

Commemorative medal for 32nd Annual Encampment of G.A.R (Grand Army of the Republic, a veterans organization formed of Union army veterans) at Mount Vernon, OH. Obv: Facing bust of Lorin Andrews in uniform. "*DULCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIA MORI* COL. LORIN ANDREWS / OF KNOX COUNTY / OHIO'S / FIRST VOLUNTEER SOLDIER" Rev: Monument on Mount Vernon town square. "* 32nd ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT DEPT. OF OHIO G.A.R. MT VERNON. O. * JUNE 14-16. 1898" Bronze, 37 mm. First submission by Herman Blanton, July 9, 2008. Image courtesy of Ohio Coin, Springfield OH.

Medal to celebrate 75th anniversary of Continental Can Company which operated a manufacturing plant in Mount Vernon. The medal first submitted here is encapsulated in Lucite to be used as a paper weight. Bronze, 33mm diameter. Obverse: "CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY U.S.A. ~ 1904 ~ 1979 ~" around a building. Above the building "SERVING THE WORLD WITH RELIABLE PACKAGING" and on the roof of the building a placard with the text "PLANT #1 SYRACUSE N.Y." Reverse: Artistic "75" with the 3 concentric letter "C"s which likely stand for Continental Can Corporation. Beneath the logo "1904 anniversary 1979" First submission by Dave Boss December 12, 2006. Image courtesy of Dave Boss.

Medal dated 1993 and has the Masonic Building on the Mt Vernon City square on the obverse. Looks to be copper nickel, 34 mm. Obverse: Lodge building with legend 1/4 way around "MT. VERNON, OHIO".Reverse: "CLINTON CHAPTER | No. 26 150 YEARS | CLINTON COMMANDERY | No. 5 150 YEARS | KINSMAN COUNCIL | No. 76 100 YEARS | 1993" First submission: by Charlie Ruggles January 3, 2005.  Image courtesy of Charlie Ruggles.

Issued for 150th anniversary of Mt Zion #9 F and A.M lodge. 29 mm, appears to be a white metal wash over copper. (Specimens known in copper that show no white metal wash). Obverse: "MT. ZION No.9 F. & A.M. | 150th | ANNIVERSARY | 1810-1960 | MT. VERNON: O." Reverse: Masonic Lodge symbols. First submission: by Charlie Ruggles May 8, 2004.  Image courtesy of Darren Ruby, July 20, 2008.

Issued for 175th anniversary of Mt Zion #9 F and A.M lodge. 34 mm, 12.33 grams, white metal. Obverse: Image of lodge building on Public Square Mt Vernon, OH "1810 - 1985" Reverse: "*MT. ZION No. 9F & A.M. * | 175 | YEARS | MT. VERNON, OHIO" First submission: by Charlie Ruggles June 19, 2004.  Image courtesy of Charlie Ruggles.

Issued for Sesquicentennial of Mount Vernon, OH 1805-1955. Looks to be aluminum and holed as made. On the obverse is the Dan Emmett house, reverse is shamrock. Obverse legend: ".....MT. VERNON SESQUI-CENTENNIAL ..... OHIO | 1805 1955". Reverse Legend "good luck | mt. vernon | sesqui-centennial | celebration | JULY 6 - 9 | 1955" . First submission: by Dan Rich January 27, 2004.  Image courtesy of Dan Rich.